Respect Me is all about helping young people create healthy, happy relationships whilst decreasing sexual and intimate partner violence. Respect Me answers young peoples questions about Relationships, Sex, Porn, Abuse and more! Respect Me is an initiative of VPG, a local Far North Queensland community organisation.

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Q. Have you ever been in a relationship that has lasted longer than 3 months??

Our Words Matter!

Just like the constant repeating of a brand or a jingle influences us to feel like certain brands are cool, or that we really, really need to buy that... Read more >
In 2013, 1400 girls and boys aged 12-15 tested positive for Chlamydia

Porn never hurt anyone, right?

Porn can be a video, book, photo or cartoon of sexual behaviour.  There are lots of different kinds of porn out there too.  Porn shows videos or ima... Read more >

Why there aren’t more women in power

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Have you got consent?


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    Want to know the answer to something? Maybe it’s slightly awkward or totally random, nothing’s off limits. Ask away! Oh, and the best part, it’s totally anonymous. Questions will be answered every Friday on our FAQ page.

    Thank you to everyone who lit a candle last night to remember those who have died and the loved ones left behind because...
    1 week ago
    Tonight our RespectMe staff are remembering those who have lost their lives as a result of domestic and family violence ...
    1 week ago
    💜NATIONAL DAY TO REMEMBER💜 Tomorrow Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service Inc are hosting Candle Lighting Ce...
    1 week ago