Q How do I break up with my abuser? Breaking up with an abusive partner can be very different from breaking up with someone who isn’t abusive. Because abusers believe that they are entitled to control you, they may not let you break up with them. If you’re considering breaking up with an abusive partner it’s important to talk it though with an adult you trust. You may want to fill out a safety plan to help you stay safe. You will need to be prepared for your abuser trying to ‘win you back’. Writing a list of all the reasons why you weren’t happy in the relationship may help you stay strong.   Click here to download a PDF factsheet.
Q Do all girls shave their pubes? This is a very personal decision for the girl to make, Not all girls shave/ wax their pubes. If this is something that you are considering, shaving or waxing the pubic area (for males and females) can result in infections, ingrown hairs and irritation.  Growing pubic hair is a normal and natural thing that your body will do as you mature and should not be seen as disgusting or gross if one chooses to shave it off or not.
Q Do girls really like being tied up and smacked around when they are having sex? There are a lot of sexual acts that young people might think are normal and common because they tend to happen a lot in porn.  However, porn doesn’t always give a realistic image of healthy relationships.  Just like every sexual act, you must make sure that all parties are consenting to each new act.  If at any stage one person feels uncomfortable or changes their mind it’s ok to stop.  That’s why checking in and communicating with your partner throughout is important.  It is also important for you and your partner to consider everyone’s personal safety (that’s physical and emotional too) in any sexual activity.
Q How can I not be so shy around the opposite sex? It’s very normal to feel shy around the opposite sex, although knowing that doesn’t make it easier to behave in a more outgoing way! If we worry too much about getting a girlfriend/boyfriend, then we start to worry too much about what people of the opposite sex think of us and this creates more shyness. If you’re really uncomfortable around boys/girls start by making a few friends with some. You may feel less pressure if you don’t have to worry about whether they like you or not (in that way), or if they are going to try and kiss you! The more time we spend doing something that is uncomfortable, the less uncomfortable it becomes.