Q How can I not be so shy around the opposite sex? It’s very normal to feel shy around the opposite sex, although knowing that doesn’t make it easier to behave in a more outgoing way! If we worry too much about getting a girlfriend/boyfriend, then we start to worry too much about what people of the opposite sex think of us and this creates more shyness. If you’re really uncomfortable around boys/girls start by making a few friends with some. You may feel less pressure if you don’t have to worry about whether they like you or not (in that way), or if they are going to try and kiss you! The more time we spend doing something that is uncomfortable, the less uncomfortable it becomes.
Q How long do you feel sad for after a break up? Break ups can be very difficult, even if you were the one who broke it off, and you might feel really crap for a while.  Some people cry a lot, some people don’t eat much, and some people want lots of time by themselves. Because each relationship and each person is different we will all feel sad for different lengths of time.  It’s important after a break up to look after yourself.  If you feel that things are getting worse or you are not coping it may be helpful to talk to someone such as a friend, your mum or dad, or a school counsellor.
Q Why are women always half naked and men fully clothed in music vids? It’s pretty silly isn’t it? It’s not just in music vids though – it seems that a lot of popular culture believes that women should be half (or mostly!) naked while the men that they are dancing around are fully clothed. This buys in to the idea that women are sexually available ALL of the time and that men want sex ALL of the time and are entitled to sex all of the time  – but not with real women, only with sexually available women who are skinny, tanned, big breasted, big bootied and  very flexible.  Doesn’t sound much like real life does it?
Q I want to go to a party this weekend but I hear that they might be playing “truth or dare”. I’m scared I might have to do something I don’t want to but I don’t want to miss the party? You could still go to the party and if they play truth/dare you can opt out and just watch or you can decide to play at your level.  If you do play remember that you can say no, pass if you’re feeling uncomfortable or sometimes it might be easier to lie.  Standing up to peer pressure can be really difficult but you need to make the decision that best suites you and remember they will get over it.  It may be reassuring to know that if you’re feeling anxious about playing truth/dare then there are probably others who are feeling just as freaked out as you.