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Q. Do you think it’s ok for shops to sell bras for small children??

Victim Blaming

WHAT IS IT? What this one means seems pretty straight forward, pretty obvious and pretty damn horrible.  ‘I’d never blame a victim’, ‘I’d ... Read more >

What is sexual assault?

Sexual assault is a crime. It is a broad term that describes all sexual offences against adults and children, and it includes rape. Any sexual activit... Read more >

Gender role stereotypes in the media

Every 39 minutes a new porn film is created in the United States.
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Q. Do you think pubic hair is gross??

Slut Shaming

WHAT IS IT? This is something that happens, pretty much, just to women.  Slut shaming is when women and girls are attacked, put down, gossiped about... Read more >
Respect Me Poll
Q. Do you think its ok for young girls to wear makeup and stand in sexy poses in advertisements??