Q I'm starting high school soon. Is it going to be hard? High school can be great, fun, awesome, awful, scary and boring – all in one day sometimes!  Everyone at high school is going through a lot of changes, maybe some difficult times at home, struggling with juggling homework, dealing with a changing body and changing relationships... That’s a lot! Everyone in grade 7 will be nervous – you are certainly not starting high school alone and there will be loads of people there to help if you need.  Promise.  High school can be tricky for some so remember to put yourselves into someone else’s shoes – have a think about how they might be feeling and if there is something that you could do that might make them feel a bit better.
Q What if you’re in a relationship and you’re getting teased about it? Getting teased is never okay. It is important to let the person know you don’t like what they’re saying. If they don’t stop after that, you may have to speak to an adult or older sibling to get some help.
Q Why do boys play more video games than girls? We need to be careful here because this is almost a stereotype! Perhaps the boys you know play more video games than girls, but in some schools/ towns maybe girls play more video games than boys? We really don’t know.
Q What is it like to be a teenager? There’s no easy answer for this because everyone person is different. Being a teenager can be one of the best times in your life because you have lots of opportunities but it can also be confusing and scary. There’s no rule book on how to act – but being respectful is a great start.