Q What if you ask someone to kiss but they say no? What do you do? Then you don’t kiss them and let them know that you respect their decision. Remember that consent needs to be gained freely, willingly and enthusiastically. It is SO important that we respect people’s decisions about their bodies and relationships. In this case, you could talk to them about it and ask if they want to talk more about it. They might not and that’s okay. You might like to check in with them again down the track (in a few weeks not in a few hours).
Q Why do girls have to be classified as "girly girls" or "tom boys"? This is because of stereotypes! A stereotype is an overly simple belief about a particular group of people and is often negative. By stereotyping we assume that a person is, thinks, or acts like all members of a certain group. For example, a stereotype is that all girls like dressing up and wearing makeup and that all boys like sport. They make us ignore differences between individuals and think things about people that might not be true. They also make us believe that people should act in certain ways which can make us treat others badly because they don’t ‘fit’ a particular stereotype. So, we need to be really careful when we make assumptions about other people just because they are a girl, a boy, short, tall, skinny, overweight, living with a disability, have different cultural backgrounds to ourselves or any other factor.
Q What does responsibility in a relationship mean? A responsibility is something that you have in relationships. You have a responsibility to respect everyone’s rights, and they have the same responsibility to respect yours. It’s accountability – something that you should do. You might have responsibilities at home like cleaning your room, doing the dishes, feeding the dog etc. In the same way you need to do these things, you need to carry out your responsibilities in a relationship.
Q I told my friend I had a crush on them and they told everyone. Why would they do that? If a friend shares something with other people that you shared in confidence with them, I’d suggest having a talk to them about what being a good friend means to you/them. Being trustworthy is an important part of being a friend. Often in schools people talk a LOT about who likes who and who asked out who. Remember that you can’t believe everything you hear and thing about the impact of the gossip on the person it is about.