Who would you talk to if you felt unsafe?

Cool friends and family are great!  We can have fun, feel happy and loved, and learn, play and talk with them.  But kids sometimes have friends, adults, or even family members who say or do things that make them feel worried, unsafe or hurt.  When this happens, they might find it hard to tell anyone about what has happened (or is still happening) to them. They might feel guilty, confused or embarrassed, or they may be worried that no one will believe them. They might feel frightened of the person, or they might even think it is their own fault.  It’s not! Kids are never to blame if someone is hurting them, and they deserve to feel safe and good about all themselves and everyone in their lives.

But what if they don’t – how to you tell someone and get help?

If you or someone you know has been hurt, touched, bullied or made to do things they don’t like, they can get help support from:

  • a close friend or trusted family member (and don’t give up, if you tell someone and they can’t help, tell somebody else)
  • a teacher, youth support worker, school guidance officer, doctor, health worker
  • Police (000 for emergencies, 131 444 for non-emergency contact in Qld)
  • Kid’s Helpline is a national helpline offering 24 hour phone and online support to young people – 1800 55 1800

Try this:  Take a piece of paper and draw around your hand.  Then, write the name of an adult you really trust onto each finger.  You can use the Kid’s Helpline for one of the fingers if you want