Sex can be a part of a healthy and respectful relationship. It is also something that is new, exciting, scary, interesting weird, confusing, fun, funny and embarrassing. Sex is both a physical and emotional experience so it’s a good idea to trawl through all of our goodies below to help build your knowledge about what can come before, during and after sex.

I want to see

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Q. Do you think it’s ok to watch porn??

Sex without consent is rape!

Without consent, any kind of sexual activity is illegal and is classed as sexual assault or rape. If you don’t have consent, for any sexual activit... Read more >

Consent is sexy!

Sex (or any sexual activity) is always sexiest when everyone involved wants it – without feeling pressured, forced, scared or intimidated. The et... Read more >

A humorous metaphor for consent

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Are you the next Youth Leader?

Do you believe in respect in relationships?  Do you want to positively shape the future for young people in Cairns? Do you want to be part of a mov... Read more >
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Q. Do you know what the legal age of sexual consent is in QLD??